Running Efficiency

Efficient running does not magically occur overnight. It can take thousands of hours (or kilometres) of practicing good running form, combined with proper muscle activation drills and recruitment exercises to become an efficient runner. With the right advice and professional coaching from TeamKSL, we can help expedite the process. Let us help you Train SMART! Check out our events page for future clinic dates.



A proper warm-up is the most effective way to prevent chronic running injuries from (re)occurring. And it should start before you even tie your shoes. During our Running Efficiency Clinic we will teach you the most important prehab exercises to prevent injury and improve your running form.

running form

Good running form involves proper positioning of the head, shoulders, hips and feet with respect to your pace and cadence. It can be a lot to think about all at once. Our Running Efficiency Clinic has been designed to deconstruct your running stride with a series of drills and cues that will help you relearn proper running technique.



race prep

Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect. During our Running Efficiency Clinic we will conclude with a 3,000 metre no-pressure time trial for the purpose of determining your ideal training and racing pace while maintaining proper form. In approximately 2.5 hours you will look and feel like a professional!